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      In Texas, we say Howdy, not Hello, but its perfectly acceptable to say Howdy or Hello in this forum!

      We do have some rules tho;

      (Consider this a Terms of Service…if you don’t read it, our legal council says that ignorance of what you sign is no excuse!)

      1. Trolling, bullying, or hate speech will not be tolerated in this forum! 

      2. This is not a place for mass marketing, pyramid schemes, or spamming members in anyway. 

      3. If you have a personal issue with a member of the forum, that is your problem. We aren’t here to drag each other down. That’s what difficult clients are for.

      4.  No illegal stuff. Period. If it’s illegal, go away.

      5. Agree to disagree, debate, but don’t fight. Be polite, watch your language, and do not post anything NSFW or vulgar in this forum.  We are adults and professionals and should act like it (except the admin. He still likes Legos).

      Violation of the TOS:
      If we get complaints, we audit the statements in an impartial manner. If there are findings to validate the complaint, we will hold you to account! We will suspend and debar you if you can’t allocate resources in the appropriate manner!

      So turn off the Ten-Key, Kick your your feet up and let everyone know who you are!


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