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Decoded© is designed to bridge the gap between knowledge and application.  The Decoded series is both books and training. Decoded provides clear and concise information to understand and implement compliance requirements.  Let the Cube guide you and you will find the right solutions. 


BFS provides business advisory, financial management, and compliance services. From our compliance and monitoring work with TEA to our technical assistance and turn-around services with ISDs and Charters, BFS can help your district get on solid ground. 


Being an LEA comes with a lot of responsibilities. LEAs are responsible for securing a quality education for its students, but… Providing a quality education comes with a long list of compliance requirements such as ESSA Title l, Part A Comparability of Services, ESSA Maintenance of Effort (MOE), IDEA-BMOE, Excess Cost, ESSER Maintenance of Equity and the list goes on! 

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What is the ESSER fiscal Cliff?
What is the ESSER Fiscal Cliff?
True or False: If I'm not compliant with Comparability due to ESSER, I probably am not compliant with MOEquity.
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