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Grant, Audit, and Accounting Resources

The official version.

Cornell Law breakdown of 2 CFR 200. Not official and not updated at the same speed of the e-CFR!


Office of the Inspector General 

Beta Sam. The new home for FBO, SAM, and a ton of other critical resources. 

…its FACs. But you need to know it. 

See who is spending what and how.

Search Grants and related reporting. 

Repository of Reports

The agendas and projects they are working on. 

Government Accountability and Oversight

Government Auditing Standards 2018. The Yellow Book, by the GAO. 

If your finding makes you nervous…and you work there, this is for you. 

The official statement on what you need to keep practicing!

Massive federal government data repository 

Auditors Resources Galore

Professional Organizations


The Institute of Internal Auditors

National Grants Management Association

The American Institute of CPA’s

Governmental Accounting Standards Board

International Federation of Accountants

Public Sector Job Boards

Aggregate site for Global PSA job listings. 

Aggregate site for Accounting careers and career resources

NGMA Job Board

For NGMA Members



Need a FOIA but afraid of the process? This is your FOIA Friend.

Its like MS Office, but Free. 

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