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Auditors hunt down qualitative and quantitative information about our clients, right? As it turns out, some folks in Europe have been doing a lot of Auditor Auditing to figure out what makes us tick. While we can’t exactly measure personalities (which are subject to change depending on how close to a weekend we are), we CAN measure motivations and common traits to see what it is that makes us professionally audit inclined.

Some fine Netherlanders published this article: A findings laden, well documented, and pretty darn exhaustive article on the traits and motivations that made us, well, what we are.

The crown jewel (in our opinion) to the article is the breakdown of the five most common personality traits found among its test subjects. (Note: The Admin is giggling about a few of these and the impending refusal to accept that these are true and observable personality traits in the office.)

  • Openness to experience;
  • Neuroticism;
  • Conscientiousness;
  • Extraversion;
  • Agreeableness.

So…do you fit in on this spectrum? Do you agree with the traits? Do you (willingly or begrudgingly) possess these traits? How do you differ or agree?