Community For Auditors?

It seems like all auditors have are conferences and professional organizations. While those are great, sometimes you need more. That’s why we made BFS Learning – to serve as a resource for us to grow in our profession, make contacts –  and get a little help when we need it. 

By Public Sector Auditors, For Public Sector Auditors.

(And Accountants too.)

Chat, debate, discuss, and even (politely and professionally) argue over the finer points of what we do.

Live talks, podcasts, interviews, presentations, and round tables discussions. No socks or shoes required. 

Training, Discussions, Healthy Debates, and everything in between. Keep your skills sharp! have an event you want on the calendar? Tell us!

Need a new blog to read? Need a break from Auditing? Accounting? Adulting? 200.189?

Come on in!

Helpful Links, Learning Resources, and Tools for the auditor. 

BFS Learning is a community, and we want you to be a voice in it. Have a blog post? White paper? Have some really cool discoveries? Found an amazing article or an absurd meme that only public sector nerds get? Want them to be featured? Shoot us a message!